Business Interruption Claim

Business Interruption Claim

Here's What Business Owners Should Know Before They Make A Claim On their Commercial Insurance

Many business owners were left in shock when their genuine losses arising from an unexpected pandemic could not be recovered.  Many businesses have struggle to stay afloat due to significant reductions in revenue and increased running costs.

A recent Supreme Court judgment has removed some of the many roadblocks caused by insurers denying COVID-19 business interruption claims. While thousands of business owners were celebrating this historic victory, insurers revealed they would be fighting back.

Contact Anderson Smith Law’s claims handling team.  We have a team of experienced  legal professionals who are prepared to work and argue on your behalf for a fair settlement.  If you’ve previously been advised by a broker or legal advisor that you could not make a claim based on your policy wording or if your insurer was not part of the Supreme Court decision, we may still be able to provide you with the help you need.

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