Data Breach

Data Breach Group Action Claims

When new data protection legislation, GDPR, came into force in 2018, it increased the rights that individuals, or ‘data subjects’ had over their personal data.  As well as this, it introduced much tighter restrictions about what companies, or ‘data controllers’, could do with it. 

A data breach is when personal data is lost, destroyed, accessed or disclosed in an unauthorised way whether that’s by accident or deliberately by someone inside or outside the organisation.
Breaches can happen as a result of inadequate business practice, human error or cybercrime.  All of which means that our personal and sensitive date is not as safe as it should be.   Legislation states that victims of data breaches are entitled to monetary compensation, where a company, or ‘data controller’ is at fault.

If you are one of many people whose data has been breached, you have the choice to join with the other people to take legal action together.  This  collective legal action is called Group Action Claims.

Our dedicated team of solicitors team at Anderson Smith Law successfully assists large numbers of clients to help you make a claim.   Our trained legal team understand this can be highly stressful and confusing time.  We will guide you and answer all of your questions, take care of the complex legal work for you and keep you fully up-dated through the entire process, helping you secure maximum compensation.

The advantages and benefits of Group Action Claims:

We offer a free assessment of your case, you can find out if you are likely to have grounds for a claim before deciding whether to take further action.
To have your claim assessed for free,  please complete the online form and one of our legal experts will be in contact. If you prefer to speak to a member of our team, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 0333 300 1408.